Anal Beads

Anal beads are a type of sex toy used by both men and women for anal pleasure. A series of progressively larger balls are inserted in the anus and then removed. People enjoy the sensation of the anal sphincters opening and closing around the smooth balls, and the gradient of sizes allows for a variety of intensity of penetration. The best anal beads are made of smooth, washable material such as silicone. For safety make sure you can sterilize your toys, and remember that all anal toys should have a wide flared base.


This modern take on the classic anal beads sex toy style is called the Flexi Felix from Fun Factory. It is a delightful toy for beginners, who can use just a single bead for gentle penetration or for more advanced players who can work their way up to the whole chain of beads. This toy is made of easy to wash, soft flexible silicone.

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