Is Anal Sex Dangerous?

Many people want to explore backdoor play but have the question: Is Anal Sex Dangerous? The truth is, anal sex can be extremely dangerous – or extremely healthy and pleasurable. It is all about how you approach anal sex! Check out the video below and if you have any questions, remember you can always Ask Us Anything!

For more information on preparation and hygiene, check out our pages on How to Prepare for Anal Sex


What Makes Anal Sex Dangerous?

Anal sex is a very intense form of penetration and can be dangerous in a number of ways. Primarily, if you rush penetration you can damage the sphincter muscles and the sensitive tissues of the rectum. This kind of injury can be very painful and last for weeks or months. Damaging the tissues of the rectum also opens up the bloodstream to infection: both sexually transmitted infections like HIV and infections from fecal matter. Both types of infections are extremely dangerous, possibly even fatal.

How Do I Make Anal Sex Less Dangerous?

You can reduce the risk of anal sex dramatically by changing your approach to anal penetration. What makes anal sex dangerous is the fact that most of the time the sensitivity and tenderness of the anus is ignored.

The truth is anal sex is dangerous only if you damage the tissues – if you approach gently and pay attention to what the body you are touching wants, anal sex doesn’t have to be dangerous at all! Forget everything about what you learned in porn movies – the speed and intensity of that type of anal sex is dangerous!

painfreeYou must go slowly and respect the body you are touching. Never push past resistance as you penetrate the anus. Touch with lots of care and patience to allow the body to open up to anal penetration. This is the only way to have 100% pain-free anal sex! Get started by enrolling in our online course, Anal Sex Mastery, to learn how to stimulate the external anal area for maximum pleasure and start introducing penetration with your fingers.

We also recommend you use condoms and plenty of lube every time you have anal sex – even if you are otherwise “fluid bonded.”  Condoms decreases the risk associated with infections. Lube is essential for anal sex – the anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating. So be sure to use lots of lubricant and reapply whenever needed.

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