Breathing for Sexual Enhancement

Breath is an essential sexual skill. We breath without thinking much about it our entire lives- and yet most of us breath only enough to survive.

Deliberate deep breathing can help the body relax, flood the bloodstream with fresh oxygen, create more sensation in the body and fuel your erotic fire.

It is no surprise that breathing is a central skill not only in all sexual traditions around the world, but also in most devotional religious traditions, and for professional singers and athletes.

Learning to breath more fully allows us to live more fully, and experience new kinds of relaxation and sensation in the body.

Breathing is also a way to develop your ability to pay attention and be present in each moment. When someone learns to meditate, often the breath is the first tool of mindfulness.

When you are paying attention to your breath, you are paying attention to what is happening in that very moment in your body, and you can begin cultivating the ability to clear the mind clutter and notice physical sensations more fully.

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