Couples Massage Video Guides

Massage is an amazing way to relax, awaken pleasure in your body and experience the bliss of skilled touch. We believe that massage is way too important to be outsourced to professionals alone. Everyone can learn how to give a great massage, and be able share this incredible gift with loved ones.

We believe that short of going to massage school, the best way to learn massage is at home with stroke-by-stroke video guides. We created our Couples Massage Video Guides so you can learn professional quality massage at home, on your own schedule, without buying any special equipment.

All you need is a bit of oil, a towel, your bed and your lover. Our videos guide you stroke-by-stroke in effective massage sequences you can enjoy in as little as 5 minutes.

Our Couples Massage videos are available as download-to-own videos using the links below, or as DVDs on Amazon.

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

Butt Massage

Leg and Foot Massage

Arm and Hand Massage

Never underestimate the power of the small moments of touch. Studies have shown that a simple, brief loving touch creates a full-body response of pleasure – releasing oxytocin, lowering the heart rate, relaxing tension – and these moments go a long way towards creating a lasting bond and feeling of intimacy. We like to think of it as “staying warm, so it is easier to get hot” when the time is right.

We believe quality touch is a foundation of any healthy relationship, and by learning a few basic massage skills you can experience way more pleasure in your love life.


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