Couples Massage Videos

Learn massage in the comfort of your own home with our couples massage videos! We guide you, stroke-by-stroke, in learning how to exchange satisfying massage with your lover. No special equipment is needed – we show you how to enjoy couples massage right in your own bed, highlighting positions and techniques so both of you stay comfortable and relaxed as you exchange deep, penetrating massage.


Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

Butt Massage

Leg and Foot Massage

Arm and Hand Massage

The Benefits of Couples Massage Videos

Couples Massage VideoCouples massage has tons of benefits for both your health and your relationship. Sharing massage at home with your lover makes this luxury accessible to you as often as you wish – no expensive spa appointments needed! No professional will touch you with the same love and care as your partner – and now, with our couples massage videos, you can experience the same quality touch as you’d receive from a pro. Couples massage creates long lasting benefits for you and your lover. With our couples massage videos, you’ll learn how to use your body weight to create satisfying pressure, as well as comfortable positions to exchange massage in bed.

Our couples massage video series guides you, stroke-by-stroke in learning effective techniques to create maximum pleasure every time you touch your lover. We highlight five minute massage sequences so you can enjoy relaxing massage even on the busiest of days. Massage can be amazing foreplay before making love, or a complete intimate experience on it’s own. Many couples find that their entire relationship is transformed through the benefits of learning massage together. In today’s busy world, stress is enemy #1 of your intimate life. Conquer daily stress and get more connected by bringing the pleasures of massage home!