Guide To Erotic Spanking

Join us as we guide you stroke by stroke in the skills of erotic spanking. You’ll discover:

• 5 ways to use your hands to create a wide range of erotic sensation

• Simple spanking rhythms to follow to take your lover on an intense journey of sensation

• 5 positions to explore erotic spanking

• Where to spank and where to avoid for maximum pleasure and to minimize the risk of injury

• How to use gloves, paddles, vibrators and more to amp up the pleasure of your spanking




Erotic spanking can be a hot, exciting and fulfilling addition to your sex life. It can also be an erotic disaster if you don’t have the right skills.

If you want to explore the thrills of erotic spanking without jeopardizing your relationship, this video is for you!

This video offers everything you need to know to master the art of erotic spanking so you can successfully explore with your lover.

If you fantasize about erotic spanking, but have never dared to make your desire a reality, get ready to dive into new realms of erotic sensations. Follow along with this video, and soon you will be enjoying the forbidden pleasures of erotic spanking with your lover. Discover how to create intense pleasure, cathartic release and profound intimacy through the art of erotic spanking.

Erotic spanking can be gentle and loving, rough and dominant or anywhere in between. But all erotic spankings have one thing in common: great technique. This video guides you in mastering the skills to give a great spanking every time.

In this video, you’ll discover everything you need to know to explore the pleasures of erotic spanking.

Once you have mastered the skills of erotic spanking, you can create intense, satisfying and thrilling erotic experiences for your lover. You will journey together through peaks and valleys of sensations, dance on the edge of your limits together and bask in the profound pleasures of the erotic spanking experience.

Bonus audio guides offer hours of in depth guidance about the process of integrating erotic spanking into your sex life. These audio guides are downloadable as .mp3 files so you can take them anywhere. With the Art of Erotic Spanking audio guides, you will:

• Discover why erotic spanking can be so pleasurable, arousing and satisfying

• Explore roleplaying, power exchange and the range of erotic energy that can fuel your spankings

• Learn how to communicate with your lover before, during and after an erotic spanking

• Disaster-proof your erotic spanking explorations

• Gain insight on the skills of both giving and receiving an amazing spanking