Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

In this episode, we clear up common myths and share the facts about female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation is a normal, healthy expression of female sexuality. For some women it can be highly pleasurable. But it is not a sign of a more “enlightened” sexuality or even more pleasure – it is just one of many kinds of sexual response!

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What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female Ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid, through the urethra, during female arousal. Female ejaculation may or may not occur at the same time as an orgasm, but normally high levels of arousal are needed to create the female ejaculatory response.

Women who ejaculate often report an intensely pleasurable feeling of release, and a different spectrum of sensations from their non-ejaculatory orgasms. Some women ejaculate almost every time they are highly aroused, other women ejaculate very infrequently.

Amount of ejaculate can vary from a small squirt or trickle to a large gush. The most recent research concludes that ejaculation and gushing are distinct sexual processes. Many women confuse the sensations of ejaculation with urination, mostly because they are unfamiliar with the concept of ejaculation or have been shamed by a previous lover.

Female ejaculation usually happens by stimulating the g-spot, the common name for the female prostate. For complete guidance on g-spot stimulation techniques, check out our Foreplay Mastery Course.

 The Historical Debates over Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation has only recently come out of the closet. While first studied by physicians in the 17th century, and documented in Sexology papers ever since, the knowledge and acceptance of female ejaculation was omitted from Western medical practice until very recently.

Meanwhile, many women have been confused and distressed about their own ejaculatory response- in the passions of sex they feel themselves (or their partners notice) a gush of fluid coming from the urethra. Without knowledge of female ejaculation, the natural assumption is that the fluid is urine. Often this triggers a shame response over having “wet the bed,” but perhaps while cleaning those sheets the women noticed that it didn’t smell like urine, and was not yellow like urine.

Just imagine if men did not know about ejaculation, and there was a cultural silence about it. Young boys would be terrified of masturbation, men would be flocking to the doctors for a diagnosis on the strange white substance coming from their urethra.

The Truth About Female Ejaculation and the Female Prostate

In recent years, sex educators have been on a mission to spread information and normalize female ejaculation and the female prostate. Several books, films and websites now feature female ejaculation. The result is more and more women having the aha! moment of realizing all those times they felt the urge to urinate during arousal or all those times they gushed was actually an experience of female ejaculation.

Both the male and female prostate:

* is a gland, located under the bladder, around the urethra.

* produces hormones.

* during arousal, produces fluid. In men, this fluid, along with semen, travels down the urethra and out of the body during ejaculation. In about 10-54% of females, this fluid is pushed out through the urethra.

* responds to direct and indirect stimulation, and can create strong sexual sensations and powerful orgasms.

 The Facts About Female Ejaculation:

* Is not “more enlightened” than other forms of female arousal and pleasure

* Some women love to ejaculate, others find it draining!

* Some women easily ejaculate, others never do!

* To discover how female ejaculation fits into your sexual expression, focus on g-spot stimulation

Recent Studies on Female Ejaculation:

Female Ejaculation Comes In Two Forms (New Scientist)

A 2014 meta analysis of the research on female ejaculation, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reports that between 10-54% of women experience some form of female ejaculation, where fluid from the female prostate is pushed out through the urethra during arousal. This research also concludes that female ejaculation is a distinct process from the “gushing” and “squirting” orgasms where a large amount of watery fluid is emitted through the urethra. Further research into the chemical composition of the distinct fluids will reveal more about the source and processes of these varieties of female sexual experiences.

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