Foot Fetish

Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes amongst men, and yet the feet are often ignored in our conversations about sexuality.

In this episode we have an intimate conversation with a self-proclaimed foot fetishist who shares explicit details about why feet turn him on, the erotic power of the human foot and how everyone can enjoy more sensation and arousal by including the feet during sex. It becomes clear that, far from an eccentric fetish, the feet are an integral and highly sensitive part of the erotic body, and anyone can learn how to enjoy more pleasure from feet.

From a relaxing foot massage to bondage and kinky stimulation, this episode covers foot sex from every angle.

Foot Fetish Photography Resources Mentioned In The Foot Fetish Episode:

The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Foot Massage : part of the Couples Massage Mastery Course

Ed Fox Photography Books by Taschen








Foot Fetish Photography from Ed Fox

Used by Permission from Taschen

Foot Fetish Photography

Used by Permission from Taschen


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