Guide to Butt Massage

The Pleasure Mechanics Guide To Butt Massage is part of the

Couples Massage Mastery Course


  • Butt massage creates deep, full body relaxation in just a few minutes
  • Discover how to create deep, satisfying pressure without wearing yourself out!
  • Share intimate and pleasurable massage with your lover anytime you choose

PleasureGuarantee Butt massage is one of the most pleasurable ways to relax and unwind.  The butt muscles are large powerful muscles that work constantly throughout the day. Many people carry chronic constriction in their pelvis, and butt massage is one of the quickest ways to relieve this tension.

Butt massage can also be incredible foreplay, if you choose! Butt massage floods the pelvis with fresh blood flow, enhancing sexual sensations and increasing arousal and erections.

Master your butt massage skills with our Couples Massage Mastery Course. We guide you, stroke-by-stroke, in the most effective and pleasurable techniques for butt massage. Learn how to create deep, satisfying pleasure with your body weight so giving massage is comfortable and pleasurable for both of you. We show you positions to give butt massage in the comfort of your bed, no special equipment needed! The five minute follow along guides helps you learn a simple, effective sequence so you can give your partner a massage anytime you wish.


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