• Discover how to use your hands and mouth to stimulate your lover’s breasts as part of foreplay, oral sex, intercourse, or as part of a sensual massage.
  • Enhance lovemaking with full breast touch and gentle warm up strokes. 
  • Master over 5 ways to stimulate the nipples to build arousal and heighten orgasm.



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Many couples find that the breasts are not included in lovemaking as much as they would like. Often, this is simply because the touch that is being offered doesn’t feel all that good! Men report being at a loss, not knowing exactly what to do beyond pinching the nipples or squeezing the breast. Many women crave more breast and nipple stimulation, but only when it is done with skill and awareness.

This video covers a wide range of techniques for stimulating the female breasts, using a lifelike replica of gorgeous full breasts to demonstrate explicit techniques. These techniques will create a wide range of sensations, allowing you and your lover to explore the breasts as an erogenous zone and see just how much pleasure you can add to your lovemaking.

We are not only going to show you ways to create arousal, but also how to warm up the entire chest area, massage the muscles that support the breast, and integrate touching the breasts with the rest of the body. This approach to the breasts awakens sensation and makes the breasts and nipples more available for sexual stimulation and pleasure. Most women appreciate a gradual approach to nipple stimulation. Some women who never enjoyed breast touch in the past discover all new pleasures through breast massage, and begin enjoying their breasts more fully as an erogenous zone.

In addition, we offer practical advice for both women and those who love them, so you can learn how to communicate about breast touch, overcome body shame and tap into the full pleasure potential of erotic breast touch.

27 minutes: 15m techniques and 12m advice