How To Prolong Foreplay

How To Prolong Foreplay

Most women want more foreplay before we can enjoy the pleasures of intercourse.

Foreplay is essential to build arousal before penetration of any kind, and most of us can’t get enough. In this episode, we discuss how to expand your erotic experience by enjoying more foreplay.

We start by talking about creating a culture of pleasure in your relationship, keeping it warm so it is easier to get hot when you are ready. Then, discover ways to flirt with your lover and build up anticipation for sex throughout your days. Next, we share strategies to use couples massage to move from your everyday life to the erotic realm.

Once you are relaxed and ready to enjoy pleasure, expand your foreplay by exploring every inch of your lover’s body. Finally, we encourage you to tease your lover and build up their desire until it is brimming and ready to explode into a powerful climax. Changing your relationship to foreplay will expand your sex life and guarantee more intimacy and connection with your lover!

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