The labia are part of the vulva (the external female genitals) and are anatomical homologues of the male scrotal skin. The labia cover and protect the sensitive clitoris, but are also part of the overall sexual system.

There are two sets of labia, inner and outer. Also referred to labia majora and labia menora. The labia come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Sometimes the inner lips are much larger than the outer lips, or vice versa. It is a myth that the outer labia are always larger than the inner labia.

There is a very wide range of normal labia, from tiny to big labia, short to long labia, pink to brown labia. The labia we see in most pornography does not reflect the diversity of labia that are perfectly normal, healthy and beautiful.

Many women grow up believing their genitals are deformed in some way, when all within the beautiful range of normal, healthy genitals. Genitals are just as diverse as the human face – we all have similar parts that can look radically different.

Honoring and celebrating all genitals is an essential part of creating a sexually healthy culture.

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