Male genitals come in all shapes and sizes – and the size of the penis does not indicate how much pleasure is possible.

The head of the penis is highly sensitive, with about 6000 nerve endings. Uncircumcised men have a foreskin covering the head of the penis, which retracts during erection. The foreskin is extremely sensitive so if you are stimulating a man with a foreskin, pay attention to this sensitive tissue.

The area on the underside of the penis is called the frenulum – this is where the foreskin attaches to the penis. Even on circumcised men, this is a highly sensitive zone and can be stimulated to create more arousal.

The shaft of the penis is made up of erectile tissue – during arousal, this tissue fills up with blood and expands, making the penis erect. Most men experience more sexual pleasure with an erect penis, but you can stimulate a soft penis and still feel pleasure. An erection pulls the skin more taut and pushes the nerve endings closer to the skin – so touch will feel more sensitive.


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