Pleasure Mechanics Books

Our handbooks offer practical, effective techniques and advice to maximize your experience of sexual pleasure. All of our books are available on Amazon and can be read on the Kindle or any computer or device with the free Kindle app.


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on Anal Sex for Women

Anal stimulation can be incredibly arousing and orgasmic for women. It can also be painful and unsatisfying. The difference is all in how you approach it! This book guides you, stroke-by-stroke, in enjoying 100% pleasurable, 100% pain-free anal sex every time. From luxurious warm-up to arousing external stimulation to graceful penetration, this book covers everything you need to know to enjoy anal stimulation, on your own terms, as part of your sex life.


The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Cunnilingus

Master the art of oral sex on women. This complete guide, designed to be read by both givers and receivers of cunnilingus, covers everything you need to know to enjoy this incredibly intimate sex act. From highly arousing tongue techniques to communication strategies for couples, this book is your complete guide to enjoying the intense pleasures of cunnilingus.


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on Ejaculation Control

Learn how to prolong your arousal and last longer in bed. This handbook guides men through the process of mastering ejaculation control and gaining the ability to experience male multiple orgasms.


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on Prostate Massage

This handbook is a companion to our video guide, the world’s bestselling video on prostate massage. From the practical strategies for hygiene to communication skills for couples, this book covers everything you need to know to experience¬†pleasurable¬†prostate massage.


The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Erotic Spanking

Ready to heat up your sex life with erotic spanking? This book covers everything you need to know to explore the pleasures of erotic spanking for sexual pleasure. Spanking can be tender and loving or rough and intense. Erotic spanking is amazing foreplay, flooding the body with sensations and creating high arousal for both men and women. But spanking can also go awry, so if you want to explore erotic spanking, make sure to grab this book and get our expert advice on making it a hot, pleasurable experience for both you and your lover.


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on How To Touch Breasts For Maximum Pleasure

Breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, but are often ignored or touched without a whole lot of skill. This book guides you in building the skills and confidence to touch breasts for maximum pleasure. From tender warm-ups to highly arousing nipple stimulation techniques, this book will show you how to integrate more breast touch into your sex life.


The Erotic Bucket List: 101 Sensual Adventures for a Fulfilling Sex Life

As sex educators, we get asked all the time how to enjoy a more memorable and exciting sex life. Our suggestion? Start thinking about creating sexual experiences, rather than just “having sex!” We get you started with 100 erotic experiences to enjoy before you die. Tell us about your experiences or add new ideas here.


The Fantasy Method: How to Discover Your Authentic Sexual Desires and Create a Fulfilling Sex Life

What do you want more of? What do you want to experience in your sex life? Many of us have a vague sense of craving for something more¬†but can’t quite come up with a precise request for our lover. This book guides you into the wild terrain of your erotic imagination and gives you tools to discover what you authentically desire (and what might be better left in the realm of fantasy!) Learn how to set erotic goals, communicate with your partner and create the sex life you want.

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