Q&A: Is Frequent Masturbation Harmful?

Q: i am masturbating right from my adolescence and that too 2-3 times a day.
i want to know that what are the harmful effects of  frequent masturbating.


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We are not doctors so can not provide medical advice. If you are having any pain or medical issues please see a doctor.
What we CAN tell you is that there are NO harmful side effects to frequent masturbation, and the rate you describe is completely normal for a man your age. If it feels good and is energizing you, don’t worry and enjoy! Pleasure is good for you!
If you are getting bored or numbing out you might want to check out new techniques to gain more mastery over your arousal. Start here: http://www.pleasuremechanics.com/tag/edging/
Thanks for being in touch!
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