Assume The Position: The Erotic Act of Queening



Queening is the art of facesitting, usually but not exclusively with a female on top, immersing the lucky human beneath her in the full glory of her genitals.

Some queening fans use stools or boxes especially designed for the purpose, either for comfort or for the added effect of a “throne” or the restraint of a “smothering box.”

The position of Queening allows the woman on top to control the amount of contact between her genitals and her lover’s tongue and mouth. This can be used strategically to tease, to smother, to immerse, to taunt, to tantalize.

Queening is best approached with an attitude of worship towards the woman on top. Many people who like to be “on the bottom” in this scenario simply love the full facial contact with the pussy, love feeling smothered with the weight of their lover, enjoy being out of control and submitted to the act of bringing pleasure to their lover.

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