Sex Surveys

When it comes to sex, everyone is an expert about their own experience. We want to hear from YOU about your experiences and opinions about sex. We include results in our weekly email, so be sure to sign up for that on the right if you want to hear about the range of fascinating responses and where you fit in the spectrum of opinions. Each link below takes you to a page highlighting one survey – take one, take them all! Thanks for sounding off!

Anal Pleasure for Women: Receiving

Anal Pleasure for Women: Giving

Oral Sex on Men: Receiving

Oral Sex on Men: Giving

Oral Sex on Women: Receiving

Oral Sex on Women: Giving

Prostate Massage

Sexual Frequency : How Much Sex Do You Have? How Much Do You Want To Be Having?

Tell us what your ideal sex life would look like.

The Ethics of Sexual Fantasy :  Do You Mind If Your Partner Fantasizes During Sex? Does It Depend On What It Is About? 

Fantasy A-Z : Vote For Your Top Fantasies To Become Erotic Fiction Stories!

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