Sex Toys and Tools

There are hundreds of high quality sex toys and tools available to experiment with.

Toys can help you create more pleasure, both solo and with your lover.

These vibrators, dildos, butt toys and prostate toys can help you stimulate new parts of your sexual anatomy, experience a wider range of sensations and play with sexuality in new ways.

Check out sites like or to find extensive buyer’s guides for toys that add more fun and variety to your sex life.

But remember – toys are supplements to high-quality touch, not a replacement for learning sexual techniques!


The Pleasure Mechanics Dos and Don’ts When Using Sex Toys and Tools


DO purchase toys from a reputable company that selects products based on quality and craftsmanship

DON’T purchase sex toys that are intended as “gag gifts” or “novelties”

DO spend time thinking about what kinds of sensation you want more of, and buy toys that will enhance your experience

DON’T buy toys just because they look good – ultimately, you want a toy collection that will help you have better sex, not pretty accessories.

DO start small when purchasing dildos, butt plugs or anything insertable – you can always get larger sizes and work your way up

DO buy high-quality silicone toys if your budget permits. Silicone is smoother and healthier for your body than latex or vinyl.

DO consider glass dildos and wands – they won’t break and can provide a nice, weighty, smooth surface.


Where To Find Quality Sex Toys

We don’t sell sex toys – but our friends do!



This page may contain affiliate links, allowing our friends in the sex toy biz to support We only write about and link to products that we have personally reviewed and would use ourselves! For men’s sex toys, we work with fabulous male testers and our expertise of the male body! 

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