Anal Sex Is Natural

Is Anal Sex Unnatural? Isn’t the anus a one-way hole? Is anal sex an abomination to God? 

As sex educators and experts in anal sex and prostate massage, we are asked questions like this all the time.

Anal pleasure is natural. The anus is rich in nerve endings and is part of sexual anatomy. Thinking that the anus is a “one way” hole that is only meant for bowel movements is a little bit like saying our mouth is a “one way” hole only meant for eating – but we breathe out of our mouth, speak out of our mouth and use our mouth for many other practical and intimate functions. No body part only serves one purpose, and all of our body and its design is part of nature. The anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and is wired into the same nerves as our genitals. The muscles of the pelvic floor link the genitals and the anus intimately together, meaning all orgasmic contractions include both your genitals and your anus.

Anal sex is well documented throughout the animal kingdom, including in the “intelligent” animals such as chimps and dolphins. So whatever your definition of “natural” is, anal sex is certainly included.

How much you include anal play in your sex life is up to you. But the evidence is in, and anal sex is a natural part of human sexuality, so rest easy knowing that any desire for anal play is completely normal and part of your design as a sexual being.



The anus is part of both the male and female sexual system. The external anal sphincter is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, with one of the densest concentrations of nerve endings. You can get a lot of pleasure out of external anal stimulation without ever going inside. If you do try anal penetration, you’ll find the internal anal sphincter. This muscle is involuntary and only relaxes when the body wants to open up – this is why you can’t rush anal sex. Through external touch and arousal, the internal sphincter begins to relax and open, giving way to the rectum. Internal anal stimulation is pleasurable for the sense of pressure and fullness it creates. Internal stimulation can also reach the clitoris and the root of the penis from inside – adding another layer of pleasure.

Anal sex can range from very light external stimulation all the way up to full penetration. Your experience is up to you to decide – if you are curious about including anal play in your sex life, start with our Guide to Anal Play for Women and our Guide to Prostate Massage for men. You’ll learn everything you need to know to enjoy highly pleasurable anal stimulation and add anal sensation to the sex you already enjoy.