The release of sexual fluids from the urethra, usually (but not always) during sexual excitement.

Ejaculate is a combination of several body fluids- primarily prostatic fluid, fluid from the cowper’s gland and (in men) sperm.

The contractions of the pelvic muscle help propel the ejaculate fluid out of the body.

There is a lot of fuss about ejaculation in the sex education world: men want to learn how to withhold ejaculation, and women want to learn how to ejaculate. Both goals are seen as markers of enlightenment or sophistication.

Some traditions discourage frequent ejaculation, citing the emission of precious fluids as depleting to overall health and vitality. Modern medicine, however, encourages frequent ejaculation to maintain prostate health and hormone levels.

It is our position that ejaculation is just one of the many pleasurable options for sexual climax, and is neither more nor less advanced that non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Arousal, Erection, Orgasm and Ejaculation are often considered to be a package deal for men: you can’t have one without the other. To enjoy more sexual pleasure and erotic freedom, it is essential to dismantle this myth and understand these events to be complementary experiences that may come in any combination.

Ejaculation Control

Prolong His PleasureOne of the most common questions we get from men is how to gain control over their ejaculation so they can stay hard longer, enjoy more pleasure and feel more confident with their lovers.

Many men don’t realize that orgasm and ejaculation are two different events. For all too long they have been considered a “package deal” and most men have been ejaculating with every orgasm for most of their lives. When men learn how to separate these two events, they unlock the secret to male multiple orgasm and discover they are capable of staying erect for much longer than they knew possible.

We want to provide men with the strategies and techniques to master ejaculation control and last longer in bed. So we’ve gathered proven strategies into our Handbook on Ejaculation Control. First, we provide you will all the information you need to understand how ejaculation control and arousal work in your body. Then, we give you step-by-step instructions to mastering this skill. Only you can make it happen through dedicated practice and sexual exploration, but we’ll guide you every step of the way!

We want every man to have the tools to discover what is possible and unleash maximum pleasure!


The Pleasure Mechanics Handbook on Ejaculation Control

This e-book is designed to guide you, step-by-step, in gaining control over your ejaculation and lasting longer in bed (or anywhere else you choose to enjoy sexual pleasure!)

All of the techniques in this guide will help you delay ejaculation and gain control over when you ejaculate. In doing so, you will gain a skillful confidence over your own arousal, become a better lover, and gain the potential for more pleasure every time you have sex or self-pleasure.

This book provides all the essential information you need to understand how to delay ejaculation, why orgasm and ejaculation are two different sexual events, and what benefits you can expect from learning these new sexual skills.

With this book, you will discover:

* A simple 3 step process to gain control over your ejaculation and prolong your arousal
* 5 techniques to “shift gears” away from ejaculation while building more pleasure
* Bonus practices to enhance male sexual pleasure and stamina
* Tips for lovers, so learning these new skills is just as much fun for your lover as it is for you!
* Expert advice on developing a routine to master these skills, no matter how busy you are

Q&A: How Do I Make My Ejaculations Stronger?

Question:: When I was young I used to have strong ejaculations with plenty of ejaculate with strong ‘squirts’ up until i was in my 40’s. Since then it got to be less and less ejaculate. I’m in my early 60’s now and there is very little, a quarter teaspoon and it oozes out… no squirt for many years.What can i do to get the ‘squirt’ back.. more ejaculate.. is it possible? Doc says I have possible prostatitis and there is increasing PSA over the past couple of years… but still low numbers.

Hey there,

We are not doctors so can’t comment on medical issues: great that you are getting support in that area! Of course, things like good hydration, movement and healthy food will all have a strong influence on your sexual performance, so all of these areas are opportunities for optimization! Walking a few miles a day can do wonders for your sex life!

The best recommendation we can make for ejaculation strength is to relax chronic constriction in the pelvic muscles. Check out our guide on butt massage and the guide to prostate massage, both will give you powerful techniques to build strength and bring more vitality to your sexual system. You may also want to read our ebook on Ejaculation Control, which covers pelvic clenching exercises to gain strength and control over your ejaculations.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for being in touch!