Cunnilingus, the fancy name for oral sex on a woman, is one of the most exquisite and intimate of all sex acts. It is also one of the most challenging for many couples to enjoy. Discover proven strategies to enjoy sensational oral sex with The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Cunnilingus.

Designed to be read by both giver and receivers of cunnilingus, this book covers not only the physical techniques of amazing oral sex, but also the emotional issues that arise around this highly intimate act.

There are a lot of books out there that cover a few basic techniques for giving oral sex. But let’s face it: no fancy tongue stroke will bring her pleasure if she is unable to receive the pleasure you are offering. Many women struggle with common roadblocks that prevent them from relaxing and receiving the pleasures of oral sex. The skill of receiving oral pleasure is as important as the skills of giving – and this book covers both in thorough detail, offering effective strategies and proven techniques for maximum pleasure. One by one, we confront the most common issues that stand in the way of enjoying oral sex, and offer specific strategies to overcome them and get on your way to learning how to love receiving oral pleasure.

From extended warm-up strategies to techniques to ride the waves of multiple orgasms, we cover the art of cunnilingus with clear, practical techniques that you’ll be able to use right away. You’ll learn how to read your lover’s body cues and communicate both verbally and non-verbally to optimize your experience of oral stimulation. We skip the gimmicks and silly suggestions (who is actually going to write the alphabet with their tongue on their lover’s clitoris?) and go straight to highly effective techniques that work with the anatomy of the female sexual system to create maximum arousal.

Beyond the lick-by-lick guide to oral pleasure, you’ll learn how to integrate one or both hands to double (or triple!) her pleasure as you stimulate her clitoris with your mouth, and how to amp up the pleasure with a variety of sex toys. We also cover ten unique tongue exercises to develop endurance and precision, so you can offer her as much intense, focused stimulation as she desires.

CunnilingusOral sex can be an incredibly pleasurable part of your sex life – as a treat in and of itself and as a fabulous way to bring up the heat before intercourse. Gain the mastery you need to enjoy sensational oral sex, and savor a lifetime of pleasure.

Oral Sex

Oral Sex is an immensely pleasurable and intimate act. “Oral sex” usually describes the act of bringing your lover to climax using your mouth, lips and tongue. Many people love receiving oral sex – the warm, wet sensations of oral pleasure is an experience that is incomparable, and can’t be recreated with any sex toy.

As amazing as oral sex can be, the lips and mouth alone can not usually create enough pressure and sensation to build arousal all the way to orgasm. Many people add in a hand or two for extra manual stimulation – and this combination is one of the most beloved of all human sex acts.

Use our proven fingering, handjob and anal stimulation techniques in combination with oral sex and you’ll be well on  your way to exploring new highs of sexual pleasure.

If you are ready to master the art of Cunnilingus, check out our book!



BlowjobsFor many guys, blowjobs are one of the best kinds of sex. Oral sex is an amazing opportunity to simply relax and receive, allowing all of your attention to focus on the sensations and arousal you are feeling. Many guys spend a lot of time in sex being really active – blowjobs are a great opportunity for men to enjoy simply receiving.

We get a lot of questions about how to give a better blowjob. The easy answer? Enthusiasm. Let your guy know that you are enjoying going down on him, that is something you can enjoy doing, not just a favor or a chore.

It is also essential to learn how to use your hands in combination with your mouth to stimulate the entire penis. Even if you can deep throat for a little while, there is no way to get the amount of pressure and stimulation that most men want with your mouth alone. So master your handjob skills, and then coordinate your hands and mouth – your hands stimulating the shaft of his penis while your mouth focuses on the sensitive head.

How To Give The Best Blowjob Ever

We are currently running sex surveys for both givers and receivers of oral sex for men. Here are some tips and suggestions gathered so far. Take the surveys and contribute your own sex wisdom about how to give great blowjobs!

How Women Feel About Giving Blowjobs:

Some women love giving blowjobs, others hate it. The whole range of feelings about giving oral sex were reflected in our survey responses:

“The feelings in my mouth and pussy are symbiotic – one enhances the other. Sometimes I can come just from sucking cock (with a few nipple tweaks to help!)”

“Honestly, I ONLY enjoy giving oral sex to get his cock wet enough for penetration. Otherwise I don’t enjoy it but I will still sometimes do it if we are mutually masturbating and he wants me to finish him off with my mouth.”

What Men Can Do For Better Blowjobs:

“Wash. Trim. Be engaged-let us know if what we’re doing is working for you. Let us know if it isn’t. But DON’T just sit there and wait through something that’s just kind of meh. Know where the “I love playing with your cock”-“oh my gosh my jaw and arms are tired, stop thinking about your grandparents” line is. And don’t cross it. We like pleasing you. Don’t drag it out forever though!”

“Caress and touch me sensually, the more aroused I become the more aggressive and passionate I become towards his penis.”

“I love it if he gently holds my hair back, but if his hands get hard and he holds my head like he’s fucking a cantaloupe, forget it!”


 Assume The Position: The Erotic Act of Queening


Queening is the art of facesitting, usually but not exclusively with a female on top, immersing the lucky human beneath her in the full glory of her genitals.

Some queening fans use stools or boxes especially designed for the purpose, either for comfort or for the added effect of a “throne” or the restraint of a “smothering box.”

The position of Queening allows the woman on top to control the amount of contact between her genitals and her lover’s tongue and mouth. This can be used strategically to tease, to smother, to immerse, to taunt, to tantalize.

Queening is best approached with an attitude of worship towards the woman on top. Many people who like to be “on the bottom” in this scenario simply love the full facial contact with the pussy, love feeling smothered with the weight of their lover, enjoy being out of control and submitted to the act of bringing pleasure to their lover.

For more on how to enjoy amazing oral sex, check out The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Cunnilingus. This complete guide covers queening and other positions for amazing oral sex, as well as extensive techniques for giving amazing oral stimulation, communication techniques and strategies to overcome roadblocks that prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of oral sex.

How To Master Cunnilingus

How To Master Cunnilingus

In this episode of Speaking of Sex, we’re talking about mastering the skills of cunnilingus.

A listener asks how he can learn to give his girlfriend the best oral sex she has ever experienced.

We share proven strategies for maximum oral pleasure.

From specific tongue strokes to communication techniques, we share our expert advice on mastering the skill of going down on a woman.

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