The Kivin Method of Cunnilingus

The Kivin Method of Cunnilingus : Free Podcast Episode

A member of our community asked us about The Kivin Method cunnilingus technique.

While we offer our own complete method for incredible oral as part of the Foreplay Mastery Course, we are always eager to learn new strategies.

In this week’s podcast, we review this technique and share what makes it work and what is just fluff.

When we started PleasureMechanics (8 years ago!) we made a pledge: No Fluff. This means we don’t pad our programs with any extras – no video of waves crashing on the shore, no long drawn out interludes between techniques. We know you are busy, so we offer our proven strategies for more pleasure in a direct, efficient way that allows you to master new erotic skills with confidence.

So tune in (hit the play button at the top of this page!) and hear what makes this cunnliingus technique work – and join in our experiment to test some of it’s more questionable suggestions! Be a part of debunking (or proving!) this decades old method.

The Kivin Method Of Cunnilingus

Here are the full instructions for The Kivin Method:

Kivin Method of Cunnilingus

  • The man lies perpendicular to the woman at a 90-degree angle to her hip.
  • The woman’s only responsibility is to receive sensation.
  • The partner uses a back-and-forth tongue stroke over the hood of the clitoris. Men who have practiced this technique have said that when the woman is aroused, they can feel two bumps on either side of the clitoral hood that feel like half grains of rice. These are the K points.
  • The C point is how to get immediate feedback from the woman that you are in the right place. The man places his middle finger on her perineum, the C point, which is the quarter-size area between the vagina and anus. Make sure your nails are short and that she can only feel your finger pad, not your nail. The reason you will get immediate feedback is when your tongue is stroking in the correct place, the woman will experience involuntary, preorgasmic contractions in this area. Your finger doesn’t move; it stays still, because if you do move your finger you may move her concentration from the clitoral hood area to the perineum. By reading her body, you will be able to maintain correct tongue placement without wondering, “Am I there? Where is there? Have I moved from there?”
  • Once you have started, don’t stop. Continue past her initial orgasmic response, as often this stimulation is the most intense and satisfying portion of the orgasm.
  • Some couples have added a position adjustment: The woman curls her legs up to her chest and the man uses his arm to keep them pushed back and stabilized. In this way, the woman is very widely spread open and can receive even more intense stimulation.

The Art Of The Blowjob

Art of Blowjob Podcast Episode

Oral pleasure is one of the most divisive of intimate acts. Most men want way more, but many women cringe at the thought of it. Couples use it as a bargaining tool.  Women use it as a way of avoiding other kinds of intimacy. Men long to be treated to a long and luxurious session of oral pleasure, only to be let down by a “let’s get it over with” attitude.

Perhaps we’ve all been cheated by the story we tell about it. Does it have to be a demeaning, humiliating experience for the woman giving it? What if, instead, it was understood as an act of love, a profound gift of pleasure offered with pride? What if women were encouraged to find the pleasure of giving enjoying the sensation of her lover’s most tender parts in her mouth? What if women could get off on playing with the power dynamics of oral pleasure, feeling as dominant or submissive as she wishes? What if oral pleasure could be an erotic experience for both lovers?

A few of you have probably experienced the joy of finding mutual pleasure in oral. For anyone who is still struggling to figure out how to make this a more enjoyable experience, this week’s podcast is a must-listen.

This week, we interviewed the producer of elegant adult websites that portray oral pleasure with reverence, humor and beauty. We talk about how to reframe the conversation in a way that puts women in the driver’s seat and encourages them to find their own pleasure in giving this most intimate of pleasures. We share strategies for both giver and receiver to maximize pleasure for all involved!

More on oral pleasure, including exclusive bonus tips from Sophie Delancey on The Art of Blowjobs, can be found in the Foreplay Mastery Course

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Art of Blowjob NSFW



Are Facials Degrading?

Are Facials Degrading?


Facials have a bad reputation. Many consider them to be degrading and humiliating. But do they have to be? In this episode we explore what makes a sex act degrading. Facials involve a man ejaculating on his partner’s face, usually as part of oral sex. Are they considered degrading because ejaculate itself is considered dirty? Or because oral sex is thought of as an act of degradation? What if we think about semen as a pleasurable, life-giving fluid? Could facials be part of loving, tender sex? Listen in and see what you think!

Here is the email from a listener that we answer in this episode:

Hey Pleasure Mechanics,

First of all, thanks for the show. My boyfriend and I both listen to it, usually separately, but often have great conversations prompted by the show. Most recently, episode #71 helped us have a huge breakthrough about my orgams/ orgasms during sex. But that’s not my question. My question is about facials. He really loves coming on my face, and to be honest I don’t mind it that much. But it came up in conversation with a friend recently because she was saying how degrading it is and that no self respecting woman would let it happen. I got really embarrassed but didn’t say anything to her right then. But then the other night, I was going down on my boyfriend and he wanted to end with a facial, and I felt sick all of a sudden. Have I been letting him degrade me this whole time? I love this guy and can even see us getting married someday – is letting him do this to me making me less of wife material? Should I stop letting him do this? Honestly, I had never really thought about it until my friend brought it up, and I was curious what you think about it. Thanks! ~ Deena

Oral Sex Erotica

Penthouse Variations on OralWe are thrilled to offer you this exclusive excerpt from Oral: Erotic Stories Of Going Down

Excerpt from short story: Fine Dining by Justin Lewis

I’ve always said life is full of surprises—but so is my girlfriend, Sonia. A vivacious blonde with an upbeat personality and a hot body, she always finds little ways to thrill me, like getting us courtside seats for my favorite basketball team or leaving flirty notes in the last places I’d ever think to look. However, the thing that astonishes me most is her boundless creativity regarding oral sex.

One time, she called me at my office early in the day to invite me for a picnic. It was one of those unexpectedly warm fall days, and I liked the idea of getting out of the building for a while. However, I told her that I didn’t think I’d have enough time during my lunch break to get to the park, eat and return. “Tell your boss you’re sick,” she insisted. “You’re usually so responsible. I doubt he’ll question you.”

She was right, and what she had planned sounded better than going over spreadsheets like I’d been doing. From the huskiness of her voice, I had a feeling I’d be dealing with a different kind of spread, and I’m not talking about a blanket laid out with food. My cock grew hard at that thought, so I took a moment to calm myself before going to tell my supervisor I felt a migraine coming on.

I took the bus downtown and found Sonia waiting at the corner of the park where we’d planned to meet. She was checking her phone as I approached, but when she saw me, she ran over and threw her arms around my neck. Pressing my mouth to hers, I slid my tongue between her lips, and my dick stiffened again as we shared a long French kiss.

She broke away after a couple minutes of tongue sucking, grabbed my hand and led me down a path. The park was fairly empty because it was a weekday, and she brought me to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes and trees that was far from places where most people would congregate. In fact, the area was so perfect I got the sense she’d gone there earlier to scout out the location.

Sonia pulled a blanket out of her backpack, and we took off our shoes to weigh down the corners so they wouldn’t fly up in the breeze. As soon as I sat, she straddled my lap and ground against me as we kissed once more. Though I wouldn’t say the thought of food was more enticing than fucking my girlfriend, I wanted some answers, so I broke our kiss.

“What’s for lunch?” I asked, realizing there wasn’t much room in her small bag for the blanket and food.

She smiled mischievously and answered my question with one word: “Me.” Now I grinned, at least until she attached her mouth to mine again, and then I lowered her to the blanket.

Pushing her shirt up over her tits, I tongued her nipples through her bra, but then I pushed that up to suck the rosy flesh directly. While I did that, Sonia reached between us and massaged my cock through my pants. It was clearly time to start making my way southward, so I kissed my way down her stomach until I reached the waistband of her jeans. When I looked up, she nodded enthusiastically, so I popped the button, pulled down the zipper and, after she’d raised her ass, pulled the jeans off, along with her drenched-through panties.

The scent of her lust was potent, and I breathed in deeply as I lowered my head to her moist center. She spread her legs wider as I got closer to her crotch and the petals of her pussy peeled back, revealing the ripe berry in the center. I was tempted to zero in on it, but I knew that would instantly trigger her orgasm instead of letting her build up to a bigger, and more pleasurable, climax. Instead, I sucked gently at her labia and ran my tongue teasingly over her slippery folds. I put my hands on Sonia’s hips as she started writhing, and I lapped at her tender flesh, swallowing down my fill of her sweet-tasting juices.

Sonia threaded her fingers through my hair and grasped desperately at my scalp. She was trembling violently, and even though her thighs were clamped against my ears, I heard her gasps grow louder as I ate her cunt. She wasn’t far from climax, so I tightened my grasp on her hips and pressed my tongue to her clit. That was all it took to make her cry out, and she continued announcing her pleasure as I drew small circles on her pulsating button. Then I slipped a finger into her and fucked her rhythmically, adding to her ecstasy. She howled so loudly I was afraid she’d alert passersby to our illicit activities.

To help her stay quiet, I moved one of my hands to her mouth, and she sucked my finger so ravenously that my dick twitched. I hoped that my cock was about to receive the same sort of treatment, and the thought made me slurp at my girlfriend’s pussy even more passionately. She came again, and her body tensed as her pussy spasmed around my finger. We were both breathing heavily, and because my own need was so great, I raised my head from her still-quivering sex and moved up her body.

As soon as we were face-to-face, I kissed her. My lips were glossy with her juice, which she licked right off, obviously delighted by her own flavor. Her reaction to her taste on my lips turned me on even more, and I ground my cock against her to remind her that I was still eager for release.

“I haven’t forgotten about you,” she said as she reached down, undid my fly and pulled out my erection. Her hand was hot against my skin as she pumped my shaft a few times, as though to make sure I was good and ready—an act that was unnecessary. She quickly discovered the precome perched on the tip of my dick and massaged the fluid into my crown with her thumb until I was groaning with abandon.

I was going to come in her hand if she didn’t change course soon, so while she continued working her fist over my prick, I muttered, “Please suck it,” and kicked off my pants. She was immediately compliant, not even bothering to kiss or lick her way down my body as she pushed me back onto the blanket and headed straight for my manhood.

She started lower than I’d expected, laving my balls with long, slow swipes of her tongue before giving each a good, hard suck. My eyes were shut so tight I saw stars and my hands balled into fists, with a bit of the blanket trapped in each. My cock was impossibly hard and eager for her mouth’s attention.

When she finally released my balls, she grasped my cock by the root. Swooping down, she wrapped her lips around my crown, and the heat from her mouth was intense in relation to the cool breeze that had been blowing against my skin. That sensation intensified as she worked her way down my length, swallowing me inch by inch until my pubic curls tickled her nose.

Moving slowly, she dragged her lips back up, keeping them tightly pursed so I’d feel the pressure, and tracing the underside of my shaft with her tongue. She maintained the lip-lock as she commenced blowing me in earnest, her head bobbing as her mouth moved up and down my length. All I had to do was lie there, let her do her thing and receive an insane amount of pleasure.

Of course, it couldn’t last forever. My excitement kept skyrocketing, as she never wavered in her oral assault. My hips began pumping and my ass rose and fell on the blanket like I was trying to fuck her face, a motion I couldn’t have stopped even if I had wanted to.

Not missing a beat, she moved right with me. Soon, my load rushed through my shaft. A second later, hot cream spewed from my crown and spilled out over my girlfriend’s tongue. She gulped down each shot I fed her and kept sucking my prick until she’d drained me of every last drop.

When it was clear that my stores were empty, she released my cock and stretched out on top of me. We kissed, her mouth redolent of my semen, until I realized we were both still partially naked. Although no one had caught us in the act, I decided we shouldn’t press our luck. Besides, now I was actually hungry, so we got dressed and then went in search of lunch.

That day in the park was thrilling, but it was nothing compared to the first time she’d surprised me with her sexual creativity. About six months into our relationship, Sonia invited me to accompany her to a wedding that was being held out of town, suggesting we take some extra days to have a real vacation. She made all the plans, including sending a car to drive me to what I thought would be the airport. However, I realized the driver was heading in the wrong direction. When I mentioned this, he said he’d been told to deliver me to the train station, and I had no choice but to trust him and wonder what Sonia had planned for us.

I found her waiting in front of the station when I arrived, two tickets in her hand. “I got us a sleeper car!” she exclaimed, and I remembered back to our first date, when I’d mentioned my fascination with the Orient Express, a conversation all but forgotten until now. Excited and intrigued, I followed her onto the train where we took our seats, my cock already at half-mast at the thought of the nighttime fun to be had.

Excerpt from Penthouse Variations on Oral: erotic stories of going down

Edited by Barbara Pizio of Penthouse Variations

Published by Cleis Press

Fellatio : Discover How To Love Giving Oral Sex


A listener wants to know if she can learn to love giving her boyfriend oral sex. We seize the opportunity to offer tips and strategies to make giving blow jobs way more pleasurable!

Many women don’t like giving blowjobs, and no wonder: the way porn depicts blowjobs is not that pleasurable for the woman!

But if we shift the model and learn how to make fellatio into a complete erotic experience, it can be a major turn on for women to give their men so much pleasure with their hands and mouth!


Fellatio can be an incredible part of a fulfilling sex life. But for fellatio to be pleasurable for the giver, it needs to be approached as a gift freely given, rather than a chore to endure.

We cover techniques to make oral sex easier to give, including  how to use handjob techniques to stimulate the shaft while focusing oral stimulation on the sensitive head of the penis. To master these skills (and way more!) check out our Foreplay Mastery Course.

We also cover communication techniques so you can make your fellatio uniquely yours by choosing what kind of erotic energy you want to play with, what parts of blowjobs you like and what you want to avoid.

Fellatio can be a loving, joyful expression of pleasure. Learn how to love oral sex!

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Here’s the question that inspired this podcast. You can submit a question to be answered on future episodes on our Ask Us Anything page!
Stephanie writes:
Hey Pleasure Mechanics,
Thanks for your awesome podcast. My boyfriend and I listen to it together and it has prompted lots of great conversations. He encouraged me to write in with an issue that has been a problem for us for years.
Like most guys, he loves blowjobs. The problem is, I don’t love giving him oral sex. I don’t have any problem with the idea of it, and at first it is ok, but after a few minutes I just feel like I am choking and drooling and it is a total turn-off. He knows I don’t like it so he has stopped asking, but I know it is something he wants more of. So my question is, is this something I can learn to love? Any tips for making going down more fun?