The Fantasy Method

The Fantasy Method: How To Discover Your Authentic Sexual Desires and Create a Fulfilling Sex Life

 The human erotic imagination is a vast wilderness of sexual possibilities. We are all capable of enjoying a pleasurable, satisfying and potentially ecstatic sex life.

Yet our culture encourages us to keep the window of possibility very narrow, limiting our erotic expression to a short list of approved activities and energies. To truly experience sexual freedom, you must reclaim your erotic imagination and allow yourself to make your sex life a work of art, your very own creation designed to fulfill your unique needs and desires.

The Fantasy Method offers an exciting way to break out of your sexual scripts and discover your authentic sexual desires, so you can begin experiencing the true potential of your sexuality. This is a process you can use over time, at your own pace, to constantly uncover new aspects of yourself as a sexual being.

First, we invite you to unleash the power of your imagination and actively explore the outer reaches of human sexual possibility. You’ll be invited to pay attention to what themes and elements your body responds to, mapping your arousal and excitement as you travel through the vast erotic wilderness of fantasy. Next, you’ll learn how to get specific about your authentic sexual desires, those elements and energies from your fantasy that you want to experience more of in your sex life. Finally, you’ll learn how to set goals – alone and with your lover – to make those desires a reality. We guide you step by step in negotiating and communicating about your fantasies, desires and goals so you have the best possibility of making your deepest desires part of your erotic reality.

In these three steps, impossibly wild fantasies become real lived experiences. Instead of settling for a mundane, average sexual existence, you invest in creating a fulfilling, exciting and gratifying erotic life. Many of us want more when it comes to sex, but don’t know where to begin. This strategy is the starting point for countless erotic adventures, designed just for you and your lover.

This book is highly interactive, with over twenty specific exercises designed to guide you in exploring the terrain of your erotic imagination, identifying your desires and successfully shaping a more fulfilling sex life, on your own terms. Hundreds of explicit examples will jumpstart your explorations and widen your scope of what is possible. Throughout the book, you’ll also find valuable advice to help you avoid common roadblocks as you navigate the sometimes intimidating path of transforming your sex life.

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