Master The Edging Technique

What Is The Edging Technique?

One common technique to prolong arousal and increase sexual pleasure is called the “edging technique.” Sometimes it is called “peaking” or “surfing” – but all of these terms refer to a similar technique of maintaining arousal just below orgasm for prolonged periods of times.

The edging technique involves paying attention to your level of arousal, and developing your ability to know when you are getting close to orgasm. When you approach orgasm, you tone down stimulation or stop touching yourself and practice riding that edge – staying just under the threshold of orgasm.

If you want to prolong your arousal and delay ejaculation, edging is a technique to explore.

We guide you step by step in our Handbook on Ejaculation Control!


Some people find the edging technique to be both effective and pleasurable, prolonging arousal and building up sensation towards a more intense orgasm. Other people get frustrated and don’t like the sensation of constantly “holding back” orgasm. Try it for yourself and see how it feels. Our Foreplay Mastery techniques will guide you through the strokes and strategies to create maximum pleasure while exploring the edging technique.

In masturbation, edging can be a really useful exploration, bringing your awareness to your arousal and experimenting with what it feels like to ride that edge of climax. You can experiment with different rhythms of stimulation, breathing techniques and body movements and learn about your arousal cycle. Edging sex techniques keep your solo sex life interesting and add an element of a challenge, building your skills each time you self-pleasure.

Once you master the edging technique in your masturbation practice, you can bring all of this self-knowledge to your lover and contribute to a richer partnered sex life. Explore edging with a partner if you want in-depth practice of communication. As your partner stimulates you towards climax, both of you then must become aware of your body and arousal – communicate about how close you are feeling and explore the sensation of staying just on the edge of orgasm.

Can your partner feel the tiny contractions of the pelvic muscles that precede orgasm? Can your partner hear your breath changing, notice the shift in your moans, or detect other signs of climax in your body? Explore ways to keep your arousal high, while incorporating more full body touch. Playing with maintaining arousal with a partner can be a great way to learn about one another, discover new techniques and learn to pay attention and communicate with both precision and passion.

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