Erotic Spanking

SpankingDVDcovermedErotic spanking is one of the most common sexual fantasies for both men and women alike. It is a very primal activity that is both physically and emotionally stimulating.

Spanking can be part of a an erotic power exchange, where one partner is erotically dominating the other, more submissive partner. Separate from the power dynamics, many people enjoy erotic spanking simply because it feels good. A good spanking can be incredibly arousing and invigorating. The level of power play you bring to your experience is up to you.

Everything you need to know to enjoy erotic spanking is in our online course: Erotic Spanking Mastery.  We guide you in the skills of giving and receiving erotic spanking: how to fully warm-up and prepare your lover, basic spanking techniques, strategies to build intensity, getting to a big climax, and how to enjoy the delicious afterglow.


Here is a list of some of the more common reasons people enjoy spanking, though we are sure you could add one or two of your own. Note the different parts of sensation – some people love the impact, others the afterglow. It helps to be specific about why you like something (sometimes you only know this after you’ve experienced it a few times) – being specific allows you to create experiences that are the most fulfilling and satisfying for you and your lover!

Erotic Spanking

Top 10 Reasons People Love Erotic Spanking

• Sensations of Spanking

• Sensations Spanking Creates in Genitals

• Sensations After Spanking

• Emotional Experience of Vulnerability

• Getting High on Endorphins

• Attention on Ass

• Warmth and Color of Reddened Cheeks

• Creating Extreme Anticipation and Desire

• Feeling of Power and/ or Control

• Form of Erotic Tease

Get the full, blow-by-blow guide to erotic spanking: The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Erotic Spanking

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