Sexting Tips

Sexting Tips For Grown Ups

Is sexting just for teens? How can adults use sexting to have a happier sex life? In this free podcast, we tackle the topic of sexting and provide guidance on mature, smart ways to use sexting in your grown up relationship! We offer practical sexting tips to make sexting more fun and more effective for creating the sex life you want!

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 Sexting Tips:

Here are a few brief sexting tips. We go into way more detail in the podcast episode!

  •  Use a private messaging app to keep your sexting separate from the rest of your texting, so you never get caught in an embarrassing moment!
  • Remember that anything you sext is out there forever, so don’t sext and regret it later!
  • Tell your lover exactly what kind of language turns you on (especially for body parts and sex acts)
  • Don’t be a sexting tease: follow through with your promises!
  • Be honest: sext about what you really enjoy doing, so sexting can enhance your sex life and you can avoid confusion
  • Play on the spectrum from flirty to raunchy – what kind of sexting do you like best?
  • Make sexting more romantic! Share moments of pleasure, gratitude and celebration with your lover via text. Also don’t forget to use texting to give your lover praise and compliments!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Between App 

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