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SOSPodcastCoverSpeaking of Sex with the Pleasure Mechanics is our weekly podcast where we have candid conversations about sexuality. You can submit a question to be answered on the show by completing the form on the Ask Us Anything page or calling 302-In-Touch and leaving a voicemail.

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Speaking of Sex Podcast Episodes

Episode #001: Female Orgasm During Intercourse

Episode #002: Last Longer In Bed

Episode #003: How To Master Cunnilingus

Episode #004: How To Get More Erotic Prostate Massage

Episode #005: Erotic Spanking 101

Episode #006: Wife Doesn’t Want Sex? Here’s What To Do!

Episode #007: How To Share Sexual Fantasies With Your Lover

Episode #008: Help! My Wife Doesn’t Enjoy Sex!

Episode #009: Am I Addicted To My Vibrator?

Episode #010: How To Have A Threesome

Episode #011: How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Episode #012: Sharing Your Desires With A Defensive Partner

Episode #013: Does Penis Size Matter?

Episode #014: Sex Culture, Erotica & Fantasy: A Conversation With Rachel Kramer Bussel

Episode #015: Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

Episode #016: How To Fist

Episode #017: How To Have Anal Sex

Episode #018: New To BDSM? How To Start Exploring

Episode #019: How To Prolong Foreplay

Episode #020: Female Masturbation Techniques

Episode #021: The Pleasures of Pegging

Episode #022: How To Prevent Cheating

Episode #023: New Ways of Thinking About Sex: A Conversation With Australian Sex Expert Jacqueline Hellyer

Episode #024: Married And Flirting

Episode #025: The Beginner’s Guide to Great Sex

Episode #026: Fellatio! How To Love Going Down

Episode #027: Is My Boyfriend Gay? 

Episode #028: Top 10 Reasons To Love Erotic Spanking

Episode #029: The Facts on Female Ejaculation

Episode #030: Marriage Threatened By Porn

Episode #031: Erotic Spanking – From Fantasy to Reality

Episode #032: Married & Flirting Part 2

Episode #033: Bondage Basics For Better Sex

Episode #034: Bi Curious? Bisexual? Or Just Fantasizing?

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