What is the G-Spot?

G-spot is a common name for the female prostate, also known as the skene’s gland or the paraurethral gland.

Where is the G-Spot? How Do You Find the G-Spot?

The G-Spot refers to the female prostate, which is found surrounding the urethra just under the bladder. It is best stimulated through the vaginal wall. Slide a finger (after mastering our fingering techniques of course!) into the vagina and bend the fingertip towards the belly button or pubic bone – some describe this as a “come hither” motion. You’ll feel a change in texture in the vaginal wall, a rough or spongy area.

How Can I Best Stimulate the G-Spot?

G-Spot stimulation with fingers or a toy is a common way women experience orgasm. The G-Spot is sometimes stimulated during intercourse, but this is tricky guesswork (the penis has neither the dexterity nor the sensitivity of the fingers) and not the easiest way to explore G-spot stimulation. Once you have experienced g-spot orgasms through fingering, you’ll enjoy more sensation in this area during other types of lovemaking.

What is a G-Spot Orgasm?

Some women who experience strong g-spot sensations and female ejaculation refer to “g-spot orgasms” in reference to the specific range of sensations, physical release and emotional experience of an orgasm that is generated primarily through g-spot stimulation. Some women report g-spot orgasms being highly relaxing and often include elements of emotional release.

Why is there so much controversy around the g-spot?

The G-Spot is one of the most misunderstood areas of sexuality. It is not a mysterious spot that some women have and some women are missing – ┬áit is an anatomical structure that all women have, just like all men have a prostate.

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation have long been subject to controversy and debate amongst sex educator and the medical profession. Thankfully, there is increasing consensus that the female prostate is the anatomical match to the male prostate and shares similar functions.

Do men have a g-spot?

G-spot usually refers to the specific part of the female sexual system, the match to the male prostate. The male p-spot, sometimes called a-spot, can be stimulated via tremendously pleasurable prostate massage. We are huge fans of prostate massage – which is how we became creators of the world’s bestselling video on prostate massage!