Female Masturbation Techniques

Female Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation is a healthy, pleasurable part of your sex life. Whether or not you are in a relationship, making time to masturbate allows you to experience way more pleasure and unleash more powerful orgasms!

Masturbation is how you get to know your own body, get in touch with your desires, discover how you get most aroused and learn how to have orgasms. Then  you can bring all of this knowledge to your partnered sex so you can enjoy more pleasure with your lover.

Learning new female masturbation techniques can help you discover whole new parts of your sexuality and become more in touch with how you like to be touched.

Female Masturbation Techniques: Use Your Hands

Female Masturbation TechniquesUse your hands to explore your entire sexual system. Don’t rush right to your clitoris. Explore what it feels like to touch your labia, your mons and the perineum. Try lots of different kinds of stimulation to wake up new kinds of sensation. You can also zero in on the clitoris to get to orgasm – but try to experience more kinds of stimulation as you build arousal.

Many of these techniques are demonstrated in our Foreplay Mastery Course, and can be used either with a partner or as female masturbation techniques.

Find the outer labia. Touch the entire outside labia, gliding one or two fingers along the length. Then, gather the flesh of the outer labia (might be quite a lot, or a small ripple of tissue) and gently pinch and roll the labia between your fingers. Feel the texture of the lips and notice what, if any sensation, you are creating. Some people have quite a lot of erotic sensation in their outer labia – other women have very little. Try this stroke with the inner labia as well if there is enough flesh to play with. The shape and size of the labia is different for every woman – but all have the potential of being a pleasurable part of the female sexual anatomy. Explore the area and notice what sensations you can create by stimulating the labia.  Stimulating the labia is important, as it brings blood flow to the genitals and begins waking up the area without direct clitoral stimulation.

The perineum is a highly sensitive part of the female anatomy that often goes overlooked. The perineum is a nexus of nerves and an intersection of musculature. Use your thumb in small circles on the perineum. Pulse in and out, using quite deep pressure. Move one finger in small circles around the perineum.

Rest your fingers just outside the entrance to the vagina. Pause. Explore this area of the opening – there are a lot of nerve endings here and circling around the outside can be highly stimulating. Use a fingerpad and trace circles around the entrance,  and trace small circles for a few moments just inside the entrance along the bottom wall, then vibrate your finger a little.

If you can reach, use your own fingers to explore your g-spot and try a range of stimulation techniques to see how much sensation you can feel inside. Try circles, long strokes, pulses and vibrations around the g-spot and see what feels best. Combine g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation for maximum pleasure.

Female Masturbation Techniques: Use Toys

We believe that hands are the best sexual tool ever invented! But there are lots of female masturbation techniques that can only be explored with toys. Check out our page on sex toys to get linked up to some of our favorite toys.

Smartballs are one of our favorite kinds of sex toys. These weighted balls arouse a lot of vaginal sensation, strengthen your pelvic muscles and can be a great compliment to clitoral stimulation.

You can also explore with the wide range of sex toys that are available. Like anal stimulation? Try incorporating butt plugs into your masturbation. Love your nipples played with? Put nipple clamps on and tug at them as you touch your clitoris. Your body is your own playground – explore it fully!

The more female masturbation techniques you experiment with, the more knowledge you will gain about your sexuality. Then you’ll be able to communicate with your lover and ask for exactly what you want in bed.

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