How To Prolong Foreplay

How To Prolong Foreplay

Most women want more foreplay before we can enjoy the pleasures of intercourse.

Foreplay is essential to build arousal before penetration of any kind, and most of us can’t get enough. In this episode, we discuss how to expand your erotic experience by enjoying more foreplay.

We start by talking about creating a culture of pleasure in your relationship, keeping it warm so it is easier to get hot when you are ready. Then, discover ways to flirt with your lover and build up anticipation for sex throughout your days. Next, we share strategies to use couples massage to move from your everyday life to the erotic realm.

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Once you are relaxed and ready to enjoy pleasure, expand your foreplay by exploring every inch of your lover’s body. Finally, we encourage you to tease your lover and build up their desire until it is brimming and ready to explode into a powerful climax. Changing your relationship to foreplay will expand your sex life and guarantee more intimacy and connection with your lover!

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Great sex begins with foreplay. Most of what we think of “foreplay” is touch – full body touch, erotic touch, the touch of our lips on one another’s body. Touch is how we seduce our lovers, create arousal, and become orgasmic.

Erotic touch and massage are not always preludes to more intense sexual activities – but they serve as the foundation for deeply satisfying erotic experiences.

We think it is so important to broaden our definition of “what counts” when it comes to sexual pleasure, we are willing to declare Death To Foreplay!

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Death To Foreplay!

How often do you hear these trite quips about sex:

“Women want more foreplay”

“Women need more foreplay than men”

“Maybe there just wasn’t enough foreplay”

As sex educators and experts in erotic touch, we hear things like this all time. Lack of foreplay is constantly cited as the scapegoat for mediocre sex. As if it were salt, present only to enhance the main dish.

We’re here to declare Death to Foreplay. And you’re invited to the after party.

Foreplay. Fore – Play. As in “before” the “play” – the prelude to the big event.

When you think of foreplay, what activities do you include. Quick, make a list.

Here is our short list:

– Full Body Touch and Carress

– Eye Contact

– Kissing

– Nibbling

– Full Body Contact

– Talking and Laughing

– Licking the Body

– Stimulation of the Genitals with Hands

– Oral Sex

That last one is tricky, right? Many people consider Oral Sex full-on sex, on par with vaginal or oral intercourse. Other people consider it far more intimate. (We like to call this “The Hierarchy of Orifices”)

But for most people, the Foreplay Activities List would look pretty similar.

We say it is time to put an end to “Foreplay”

What bothers us here as experts in arousal is certainly not the activities on that list.

What is essential is that all of these activities, plus penetrative intercourse, are considered as equal opportunities for pleasure, a range of activities that we humans can do with our bodies in different combinations for the most possible sexual pleasure.

What is essential is that we end the notion that all of these activities are just a prelude to “the real thing” and that only certain acts “count.” These turns of phrases may have been relevant when we were teenagers, but as adults we need a sexual language that better serves our reality, right?

When couples start keeping track of “what counts” there is a fundamental break-down in intimacy.

The goal of an erotic relationship, for most people, is mutual pleasure and fulfillment. Most of us want our lovers to feel loved, cherished, desired, satisfied and turned on. And most of us want to feel the same things – sexy and satisfied.

Think for a minute about your erotic goals – what kind of sex life do you really want? Consistent? Exciting? Comforting? Raw? Seductive? What words come to mind. Make a list!

Now that you have a sense of what kind of sex life you want, think about what kind of sex that life includes.

What is working now:

What I want more of:

What I want less of:

In our work with thousands of men, women and couples, we’ve never seen anyone list simply: I Want More Vaginal Intercourse and Anal Sex.

Most people can’t even imagine a sex life comprised exclusively of penetration. So why do we take this whole realm of erotic touch, all the ways we pleasure one another, and dump it in this frumpy category of “Foreplay”

Here’s just one theory: the language we use to talk about sex is weighed down with baggage from a puritan past, when pleasure was something to fear and be ashamed of, not something to be embraced and harnessed for good!

So if our collective goal is to experience the sex life of our dreams – whatever that looks like for you – then we need to expand our experience of erotic touch. Forget Foreplay – what we need more of, what there is never too much of, what we could ALL use, is more TOUCH. Quality, skilled touch. Erotic Touch.

There are some metaphors that just work for sex so we’re going to run with a couple. Use whatever imagery works for you and your life.

Many people think about being aroused and turned-on as being “hot” – once we are “hot” we are in the zone.

It is often thought that men can swing faster between “hot” and “cold.”  The theory goes that men can be turned on by just about anything, and are ready for sex whenever there is a willing partner around. Think of an instant tea kettle – push one button and you’ve got a shot of hot water.

Women, on the other hand, are thought to be like a big pot of water – it takes a long time to get her “hot” but once she has been brought to a boil, there is a long lasting heat.

How true do those metaphors feel to you?

We think most people, male and female, experience a combination of the classic gendered stereotypes. Most of us experience a mix of what scientists call “spontaneous desire” and “responsive desire” – sometimes we are turned on and aroused seemingly out of nowhere, other times we need to be seduced and have our arousal drawn out of us.

So many factors influence our ability to feel turned on and ready for sexual intimacy. To name just a few big ones: health, finances, stress, family, ambient temperature.

Here’s what we know for sure: 

Most people want to get “hot” more often.

Very few people like the feeling of being sexually “cold”

Our proposal: Cultivate a relationship where you both are kept “warm” so when the mood and opportunity strikes, it is way easier to get “hot.” To follow our pot of water metaphor, we believe it is possible to keep a huge cauldron of arousal at a slow simmer, fueling your relationship and ready to be brought to a boil when occassion calls.

How To: Clitoral Stimulation

If you want to be a great lover and be able to pleasure women, you need to learn how to master clitoral stimulation. For sexual satisfaction and fulfillment, the clitoris is the most important square inch of flesh on the female body. Of course, paying attention to the full body is important – and learning how to touch and pleasure every part of your lover’s body is an essential skill in becoming a better lover. But when it comes to female arousal and orgasm, the clitoris is the key.

The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings – the densest concentration of nerve endings anywhere on the male or female body. The external structure of the clitoris is the most sensitive, but the clitoral body extends deep into the body, and can be stimulated internally.

For a complete how-to for clitoral stimulation, check out the Foreplay Mastery Course

Clitoral Stimulation is Essential for Female Pleasure!

Clitoral StimulationFor the vast majority of women, clitoral stimulation is essential for becoming highly aroused and reaching orgasm. Some women love the addition of vaginal penetration or anal play (or both!) – but almost all women need their clitoris to be a key component in sexual stimulation. To become a more confident lover and gain mastery over the female orgasm, clitoral stimulation techniques are top priority.

But don’t get stuck with just one clitoral stimulation method – just because it worked on your last lover doesn’t mean every woman will respond! It is far better to be confident with many different ways of stimulating the clitoris, so you can mix it up, surprise your lover with new sensations and stimulate more nerve endings for maximum pleasure.  Learning a wide range of clitoral stimulation techniques will allow you to pleasure every woman, every time.

Women need a range of stimulation to stay satisfied – which is why our video guide on female pleasure guides you in learning a huge range of clitoral stimulation methods – from gentle warm-ups to highly arousing strokes, from one finger techniques to an exclusive internal-external stimulation technique that touches all parts of the clitoris simultaneously. We know that clitoral pleasure is essential for female sexual fulfillment – so our guide makes the clitoris a priority, in addition to showing ways of pleasuring the entire external vulva as well as internal stimulation techniques.

Let us show you how to master clitoral stimulation techniques, g-spot stimulation and much more. Gain the skills and confidence you need to surprise your lover with a wide range of sensations and powerful orgasms.