Female Orgasm During Intercourse

Speaking of Sex Podcast Episode 001: Female Orgasm During Intercourse

OrgasmIntercourseIn this episode, we answer a question we received from one of our community members. Laura, like 80% of women, does not experience orgasm during intercourse. She wants to know what she can do to become more orgasmic during intercourse. Should she use herbal aphrodisiacs? Does she need to wait for “the pink pill?” We offer practical strategies and techniques so she can enjoy more sexual pleasure and become more orgasmic during intercourse.

Many women are concerned about their inability to have orgasms during intercourse. Women have been taught that the ultimate sexual achievement is simultaneous orgasm during intercourse. Sadly, this myth creates a huge amount of needless anxiety and distracts women from their authentic experience of sexual pleasure. When women focus on having orgasms during intercourse, they are ignoring the basic facts of their sexual anatomy. Here’s the real deal: the clitoris is the centerpiece of the female sexual system, and clitoral stimulation is how most women experience orgasms. The clitoris is the anatomical match to the penis, so just imagine men trying to reach orgasm without touching their penis and you’ll get a sense of how essential clitoral stimulation is to female orgasm!

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A climax of sexual excitement, marked in men and women by involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles and an intense sensation of pleasure.

Both men and women can experience one or more orgasms in any given sexual event, with or without ejaculation. Most people experience a building of sexual excitement towards a threshold, and  a “point of inevitability” at which orgasm is imminent.

Orgasms can range from mild to wild, quick to long lasting, serene to bestial.

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How To Have Multiple Orgasms

How To Have Multiple Orgasms

How To Have Multiple Orgasms: Speaking of Sex Episode #011

In this episode, we share how to have multiple orgasms as we answer a listener’s question about how to experience multiple orgasms. She wanted to know if all women can learn how to have multiple orgasms, or if she should be satisfied with just one orgasm. While not essential for great sex, all women can learn how to have multiple orgasms if they choose. We offer practical strategies to try out during both solo and partnered sex to build arousal towards a second (or third, or fourth!) orgasm.

Many women experience hypersensitivity in the clitoris after an orgasm, making them stop the sexual experience after one orgasm. We share techniques to stay connected and continue building arousal while giving the clitoris a rest. We also discuss breathing techniques, how to build more arousal through stimulating multiple erogenous zones, and how to communicate with your partner as you explore how to have multiple orgasms together.

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